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I've received many requests this year for help training through the Ramadan fast, and here are some practical tips I've compiled.

photo: Bjorn Wilde

There are hundreds of training systems for acquiring strength and size, everything from barbells to body weight, but the system you choose, and the way you set up your training, is directly related to your goals.

This is my daily morning procedure. I've been doing this, or similar, since I was a very young man. While it's varied in aspects over the years, the following comprises the essential practices I've used most of my life.

The true purpose of exercise is to create muscular fatigue in order to force muscular adaptations within the body — a disciplined effort resulting in increased muscular strength, and possible hypertrophy. Stronger, more efficient muscles allow us to do other tasks more efficiently.

After several rainy days, today's weather was absolutely splendid here in Sydney NSW -- which was great for me, because today I had a dedicated workout scheduled; however, the rain would have stopped me. Long ago I released myself from slavery to local weather and learned to embrace the elements, be it rain, sleet, ice or snow. Even better, this freedom includes the option of flying away from bad weather altogether.

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