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Steve Maxwell: The Road Warrior

Follow Steve Maxwell anytime, anyplace and anywhere in this new mobility conditioning workout, The Road Warrior! This is one of Steve's favorite "on the road" workouts when he finds himself unable to hit the gym with his hectic seminar schedule.

You will really feel the burn when you perform this cardio intensive workout that targets your upper-body, abdominal-core, hip-thigh and lower back. The Road Warrior is a total body 45 minute, 16 technique workout that utilizes paired body weight exercises and skipping rope!

All you need is a jump rope, your body and the will to get in the best shape of your life!

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The Ultimate Hero Workouts

Let Steve Maxwell hammer you into to supreme condition with Shihan Extremes new Ultimate Hero DVD series!

Combining ancient and modern methods of strength and conditioning, Steve creates 2 new powerful workouts to get you ripped, lean and mean!

Try these workouts and see why combining Sledgehammer swings with Kettlebells is the hot new training method for extreme athletes!

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Spartacus: The Workout

Steve Maxwell is back with one of his most incredible instructional DVDs ever, The Spartacus Workout!

This highly advanced workout (not recommended for beginners) is designed to drive your muscle endurance, core strength and overall mobility to the max to achieve the ultimate Gladiator look!

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Advanced Strength & Mobility for Athletes Seminar 3 DVD Set

This fantastic 3 DVD set contains 6 hours of seminar footage featuring Steve Maxwell and Jim Smith.

There's enough exclusive information in these amazing DVDs to keep you busy for months!

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300 Kettlebell Challenge

The 300 Kettlebell Challenge will help build the ultimate Spartan Warrior body.

This incredible strength and conditioning workout incorporates strength, cardio and joint mobility techniques for 300 brutal reps creating the most extreme workout ever using the Russian Kettlebell.

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Cruel and Unusual 2: Kettlebell Workouts for Real Men

This amazing and highly effective Kettlebell training system contains some of the most brutal and effective Kettlebell lifts you will ever find..

This new DVD set has four totally new and advanced workouts to take your strength and conditioning to the ultimate level.

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Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility

These Joint Mobility Drills are designed to strengthen, protect and improve your joint health from head to toe through range of motion.

A must have for any athlete looking to gain the upper hand against injuries and body wear and tear.

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Ultimate Upper-Body Pull-Up Workout

This workout is designed to chisel and shape your upper body like no other system available! You can do these exercises almost anywhere using most any pull-up bar and ring apparatus in the gym or even your home.

Truly, this is the Ultimate Upper-Body Workout!

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Steve Maxwell's Gladiator Six-Pack Abs

This is not just another abs video!

Once again the master of the gladiator workout, Steve Maxwell brings us another amazing video that will get you in shape!

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300 Spartan Workout

Be prepared for the most incredible full body workout you will ever experience!

By using natural body weight conditioning exercises and a unique, non-stop superset concept, the 300 Spartan Workout unleashes your natural growth hormones and jump starts an incredible fat burning metabolism change that will create a powerful, ripped and chiseled look to your body.

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The Boys Are Back in Town Kettlebell Workshop

Ready to develop impressive gains in strength, mobility, internal energy, work capacity, and vitality? Our comprehensive fluff free three disc Kettlebell workshop DVD is exactly what you need to make 2008 your best training year!

DVD Length: 7 hours and 30 minutes and as a bonus you will get a download link for Mike Mahler�s special report The Aggressive Strength Solution For Optimizing Hormones And Well Being when you place your order.

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Steve's Morning Routine

Start the day in a proper way!

A great new video available for instant download!

Now you can start your day with committment, good cheer, and discipline, just like Steve!

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