Advanced Body Weight Training

Steve Maxwell shares with you how to use the weight of your body for increased strength and hypertrophy.

Discover how with nothing more than a horizontal bar, you can get a full, productive workout... safely... Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Steve's modern-yet-classical approach to training minimalism liberates you from the expenses of:

  • gym memberships
  • costly equipment
  • time you don't have

You'll no longer worry about missing out on your training because of:

  • holidays
  • family functions
  • business travel

With Steve Maxwell's advanced body weight conditioning program

  • every room in your house
  • every stairwell
  • every garage and public park
  • ... even your jail cell -- if that's where you're at --

... becomes your personal training gym.


Steve will offer the secret of ancient martial arts masters to produce incredible muscular tension via the principle of antagonistic co-contraction (AC).

By applying AC you can make even simple exercises, such as body weight squats and push-ups, incredibly demanding and productive.


  • The 5-Pillars of movement-based BW training
  • Why generating high-muscular tension is virtually synonymous with strength
  • Why exploiting this tension factor is not only one of the hardest ways to train -- but also the safest
  • Why explosive training and plyometrics are not the best option -- for body weight training nor anything else
  • How to manipulate the mid-range and position of full-contraction to super-charge your pull-ups, chin-ups, and BW Rows
  • A modern twist on the use of isometric exercise called Timed Static Contraction (TSC)
  • The difference between stunts, feats, and proper strength training and why training to demonstrate strength isn't your best bet when training for other sports
  • How to organize your training program with rational design
  • The importance of recovery and improving upon recovery-ability
  • The six common dysfunctional breath patterns -- and why it's better to not train at all if you can't command the respiration.
  • Proper breath control and breathing during exercise


Advanced Body Weight Training Seminars:

There are no events scheduled at this time. Check our Events page for a full list of Steve's scheduled events.