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Q & A with Steve: How Do I Eat to Gain Muscle?

Q: I've heard you recommend eating no more than three times per day, but only three meals broken up like that seems like too little food. I'm not bulking up but I def don't wanna lose what muscle I do have.

A: Wrap your mind around this: you don't build muscle by training; training breaks down muscle. Training weakens you.

It's REST that builds the muscle. You break down the body with training so that WITH REST you will repair and come back STRONGER to take the load.


If you're eating all day, then you're not resting the system; you're using more nerve energy than you realize to digest all that food you're eating. The way to come back strong and build muscle is to eat a reasonable meal, then allow the digestion to do its job breaking down the food and assimilating the nutrients... then permit the system to REST until the next feeding. Meanwhile your brain uses the nerve energy, hopefully on generating an original idea.

If you eat every two, three, or 4 hours, your meals are never fully digested before you dump more food down the pie hole.

And so you end up with undigested food residues throughout the system -- like a dirty engine. You want to burn clean, man.

To build muscle that in a way that will contribute to good health, first, clean up the digestion so your system is efficient. Then, regulate the diet -- this is a simplification process, no more micro-managing. In fact, except for the sloppiest trainees, most clients I have will do better focusing less on food and diet than more.