Biggest Bang for the Buck Seminar

In this seminar, Steve will relate to you what 50 years in the business have taught him about the best, most productive gym implements, and the exercises that go with them.

With all the available equipment and programs out there, it can be bewildering. Steve's had plenty of time to figure these things out, and offers his help. In his half-century of training, Steve has "been there" and "Done that" and he will do his best to steer you right, mate!

In this rare seminar, Steve gives you the straight dope on the current fads that are popular in modern training gyms. Further, Steve will assist you in designing your own program, so you'll never again be confused about what to do.

Photo by Sandra Vorreiter

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The five basic movement patterns Steve refers to as the 5-Pillars
  • Why it's better to base your training program on "movement" over "muscle"
  • The best training equipment and tools to address each movement pattern
  • How to safely perform these same exercises
  • Why the so-called Functional Training trend is actually DYS-functional and an inferior training model
  • Proper breath control and breathing patterns to not only make you stronger, but as injury prevention

Photo by Sandra Vorreiter

Even if you're an advanced trainee, Steve's breakdown of the exercises and their progressions is fantastic knowledge for coaches and trainers who would wish to help their clients at every level.

Photo by Sandra Vorreiter

Learn the best exercises and methods to employ:

  • the classic barbell
  • suspension systems, including gymnastics rings
  • dumbbells
  • kettlebells

... and more

Photo by Sandra Vorreiter


Biggest Bang for the Buck Seminars:

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