Level One Bodyweight Certification

Steve Maxwell's Bodyweight Certification is based on the principles of proper bio-mechanical alignment and technique for all the major pushing, pulling, squatting and low back/core exercises used in bodyweight exercise as resistance.

This is a teaching and coaching course, in that there are no performance requirements outside of demonstrating a knowledge of proper technique. The primary concern is teaching candidates progressive loading using bodyweight as the load.

Each exercise has many modifications, so that even the person with low strength-to-weight ration and the de-conditioned can greatly benefit. Particular emphasis is placed on: wrist, elbow, shoulders and knees, the main problem areas for people using bodyweight exercises. Some subjects covered in the bodyweight trainer's certification:

  • How to teach beginners basic push-ups, pull-ups & body weight squats safely
  • Wrist, elbow & shoulder alignment techniques to prevent overuse injuries
  • How to balance the shoulder joints to keep them pain-free
  • Spinal & core alignment for a healthy back and a stronger, more streamlined mid-section
  • Dozens of push-ups, pull-up and squat variations
  • Proper handstand technique
  • Proprietary Maxercise combinations & complexes
  • Ways of using calisthenics as a superior means of cardiovascular exercise for superior athletic performance and fat loss

Come prepared to be inspired, sweat and enjoy!


Level One Bodyweight Certifications:

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