Breathing and Recovery Techniques

Come to this seminar wherein Steve will share his latest insights and applications of breath control to revamp conventional paradigms and create for yourself a more intelligent way to train.

Steve will help you assess your breathing efficiency with three tests.

In this seminar you will learn:

what is control-pause and why it's important

what is panic-breathing and how to bring it under control

how to make a quantum leap in performance with simple awareness

how excess muscular tension and pain is a consequence of inefficient breathing

the pitfalls of incorrect breathing esp Valsalva sync

Steve will share natural breathing rhythms to improve all parameters of training and health

Burst-breathing technique for paying off oxygen debt

How to match breath rate with exertion

Anatomical-match breathing

Performance breathing

Endogenous breathing

How these techniques relate to athletic performance and recovery

But wait-- there's more!

Breathing drills for:


reduction of muscular tension



Breathing and Recovery Techniques Seminars:

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