Club Swinging Certification Course

Come to learn the best, modern applications of the ancient art of club swinging from a source you can trust.

Covered in Steve Maxwell's Club Swinging certification course:

  • Special limbering exercises to prepare the shoulders for heavier club work (These same exercises are useful as a stand-alone routine for shoulder mobility)
  • Proper grip, control, and safety for the various exercises
  • Holding the club in the three primary positions
  • Both dynamic and static club exercises
  • How to synchronize breath, movement, momentum, and holding-- and how combine these for best effect
  • How to incorporate lower body actions to make club swinging a true full body workout
  • How to determine the best weights for beginners
  • Learn more than 20 useful club exercises and how to apply them to yourself and others for best results
  • How to utilize club work for injury prevention in the high-risk joints-- this one is especially applicable to those in the martial arts
  • Learn how to integrate club swinging into your fitness routine -- and classes -- as well as your own personal training
  • You will come to understand that while clubs may be a logical and helpful modality in your toolbox, in other circumstances they might be impractical and not for everyone
  • You will take home both single and double club swinging drills
  • Also: balanced program design for group classes

But wait! Not only will you acquire and refine personal club skills, Steve will show how to break down these exercises to their components and thus how to teach them to trainees of all levels -- this is the essential difference between Steve's seminars and certifications.

Important: It's not only the relevant material Steve includes in this certification that is of value -- Steve also knows what is best left out.

Steve removes the mystery, the conspiracy, and associated paranoia around club training. Come take a 1-day club certification of all the good and useful information, but minus the smoke, the mirrors, and -- best of all -- devoid of marketing monologue.

Who is this club certification for?

While Steve understands it's difficult to get personal instruction on club swinging (which is why he's developed this series of seminars, certs and videos) each candidate for certification is expected to have a working competency in the basic club movements before showing up for the event.

This competency can be obtained with diligent study and practice of Steve's Club Swinging Basics video tutorial and Club Swinging video seminar.

More specifically, paying the registration fees and showing up for this seminar in no way guarantees final certification; Steve personally signs each certificate and takes this action to heart.

Steve oversees all testing and each candidate passes based on various attributes both objective (general fitness ability, competency in personal technique, as well as observed practical teaching skill) and subjective (attitude and common courtesy).


Club Swinging Certification Courses:

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