Crawl Like a Baby, Walk Like a Man

Age-proof your training!

Reclaim and restore the ability to move with grace and poise. Rediscover your birthright of prototypical human movement patterns.

In this exciting, new action-packed, and insight-filled seminar, Steve shares his experience and ideas on the renewable resource of natural movement found within each of us. Awaken the sleeping baby within!

In this seminar:

Steve will explain the principles of cross-crawl patterning

  • How we, as humans, evolved to move,
  • How we generally lose ithat ability and crucial memory
  • How this source can be recalled and regained through cross-crawl patterning
  • How this relates to aging: There is a gross misunderstanding of what comprises the natural aging process. Steve explains how to circumvent conventional assumptions of aging thereby remaining supple into advanced years
  • Primary movement patterns:
  • Front-to-back rolling
  • Creeping
  • Rocking on all fours and variations
  • The importance of cervical/head postures and patterns
  • Forward, backward, and sideways crawling
  • Walking, marching, skipping, sprinting
  • 10 archetypal postures
  • Progressive rolling patterns
  • Sophisticated crawling drills
  • Advanced rocking sequences
  • How to incorporate baby training into your workouts

Note: Because you will spend a lot of time rolling and crawling about the floor, Steve strongly recommends knee pads, long-sleeve shirts, and long pants for comfort, in addition to regular gym attire. You may put on and remove this protective clothing as needed.

Who should take this seminar:

  • Anyone interested in regaining the ability to move like a child
  • Those interested in slowing, even staying, the aging process, preventing bodily injury and rutted thought processes, and supple-izing the joints
  • Those wishing to increase congnizance and intelligence via nourishing body movements
  • Who shouldn't take this seminar:

    Dullards, malcontents, blackguards

    Note: People in a state of deconditioning or injury which prevents basic movements, eg getting down and back up from the floor, will be somewhat limited, but are nonetheless welcome and, happily, will still benefit and learn what to do as they improve their situation.

    Can't make it to the seminar? Check out Steve's instant video download Crawl Like a Baby, Walk Like a Man and rejuvenate your home training.


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