Fundamentals of Human Movement

The Fundamentals of Human Movement certification seminar ushers in the natural progression to movement-based exercise.

In the past, exercising has been based upon individual muscles and the previous beliefs about anatomy. Yet the rules have now changed with the insights of fascial anatomy. With the The Fundamentals of Human Movement seminar, based on fascial anatomy, all of the old rules go right out the window.

Most information for those people interested in training originates in the fitness magazine industry, itself based on now-outmoded bodybuilding/isolation ideas.

Recent discoveries show it's impossible to create genuine isolation, and in fact the body works as a cohesive unit within its environment. This new model, often referred to as "functional" training, is the current "movement-based" model of training.

Steve Maxwell, who has been training for nearly 50 years, cuts through the confusion, nonsense and mythology pervading the fitness realm.

In this seminar, you will learn:

The basic movement patterns of the human body and the appropriate, sane exercises to train them to produce optimal results

The foundational components of physical fitness and how to best address them

Proper breathing technique, control-- and why this is so important

Why every exercise is in fact primarily a breathing exercise and the dangers of disregarding this cornerstone

How to maximize performance-- and recovery-- with breath control

Safe, effect workout construction and design

Why supplements are for the most part worthless to your realistic training goals

Proper bio-mechanical execution of the most common exercises

Basic principles of safety and performance applicable to ALL exercises

Demonstrations of how to keep the joints safe from injury

End the confusion between "recreation" and therapeutic exercise -- for once and for all

The difference between demonstrating strength skills and genuinely building strength and explosively -- someone has to call a stop to the insanity and Coach Maxwell is stepping to the front and calling "Fi!"

When you leave this weekend seminar you will feel confident in your ability to build a workout program based on sound body principles. It's not rocket science but a series of simple truths. This is the gold for those who can recognize value.

This seminar is aimed at teachers, trainers, athletes and all those who want to move on with their training. It's a hands on seminar, so you will be participating actively. To be certified at the end of the seminar, particpants will have to be able to pass a test based on the principles covered at the seminar.


Fundamentals of Human Movement seminars:

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