Steve Maxwell's Ikaria Greece Camp 2019

Sunday 8 July - Sunday 14 July on Ikaria Island, Greece

Find your foundation in Greece. Join Steve Maxwell on a trip to his heart's home on Ikaria Island.

In July, Steve visits the far-off island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea, 10 nautical miles southwest of Samos. Its name is derived from Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, who fell into the ocean nearby while trying to fly to the sun.


Come along with Steve Maxwell and benefit from his unique outdoor conditioning strategies. You can expect an immersion experience of a simpler, more essential way of life, relating both to nature and the people around you. You can expect to walk away stunned with what you have learned, and with a commitment to the more profound aspect of yourself.

Steve summons you... the real you

Steve partners with Ikaria Surf School to offer an incredible camp with higher value and all-time lowest cost.

There are two choices of lodging: Ikaria Surf School has traditionally booked guest rooms in the lovely fishing town of Gialiskiari, which is easy walking distance to Messakti beach, where training and recreation activities take place. In Gialiskiari are charming cafes, million dollar views, and a good supermarket. Accommodations are at local Gialiskiari guesthouses -- see here for typical example. All rooms are simple and neat.

Steve and Vassilis at Ikaria Surf School headquarters

Essential rate includes:

  • 6-nights /7-days accommodation in picturesque Gialiskiari village
  • 3 x 90-minutes surf lessons or stand-up paddleboard lessons and excusions or canoe (depending on weather and surf conditions)
  • 1 surf theory lesson covering safety, rip currents, and equipment
  • Free ocean equipment use daily
  • 4 mornings of physical training with Steve Maxwell
  • Pick up & drop off transfers from either Agios Kirikos or Evdilos harbor or Ikaria airport (JIK)

NOT included:

  • Meals
  • Travel costs to and from Ikaria island

Double-occupancy $803
Single-occupancy $904

The Atsachas option

Since his very first visit to Ikaria, Steve has stayed at Atsachas Rooms and restaurant and you are welcome to lodge here under the same roof. Atsachas overlooks Livadi beach, with a private stone stairway leading down to the sand and walking distance to Messakti beach where camp training and recreation activities are held. Also walking distance to the small town of Armenistis.

Atsachas rate includes all the Essentials listed above, plus Ikarian-style breakfast each morning.

Atsachas rate:
Double-occupancy room w/ breakfast $871
Single-occupancy room w/ breakfast $960



Training Activities

Training activities will be conducted at Messakti beach, including calisthenics, running, jumping, swimming, lifting, defending, climbing, hiking, swimming, walking-breathing drills, joint mobility, and partner massage as active recovery. As a bonus, Steve offers optional, variable mobility sessions each non-training day.

July is an excellent time of year to visit, and a block of 14 rooms is reserved in advance for this trip. These will sell out quickly.

The camp begins early evening on Sunday, with a welcome meet-up on the terrace of Atsachas restaurant, including some appetizers and beverages. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with your fellow travelers and orient yourself to the coming week's labors and enjoyments. Formal training commences 8:00 Monday morning, mustering outside on Messakti beach.

Room check-in: Sunday 8 July 15:00
Room check-out: Sunday 14 July 11:00

Training with Steve takes place four mornings. Exercises are adapted to your skills, the terrain, and Steve's grander vision for you.

Prepare your arrival intelligently and with care! It takes some time and strategy to get to Ikaria, and if you need assistance, please email Maxwell service desk. You will regret missing a moment of this singular event.

This camp is expected to sell out in advance. If you wish to attend, register on this page or contact Maxwell service desk to arrange payment, as numbers are firm.


Essentials rate:
Double-occupancy room w/ breakfast $803
Single-occupancy room w/ breakfast $904

Atsachas rate:
Double-occupancy room w/ breakfast $871
Single-occupancy room w/ breakfast $960

Travel to and from Ikaria island is NOT included in this price. How to get to Ikaria island. Transfers to and from ferry ports or JIK airport are included and arranged by Ikaria Surf School.

For assistance with travel arrangements, email Maxwell service desk.

Steve in his natural element

Register for this Event

Because this camp is scheduled during high season, accommodations are a priority and are sure to sell out. You are strongly encouraged to register early to reserve your place. Because of limited available rooms, this camp will sell out months in advance. It is possible to hold a space with a non-refundable deposit and pay balance over time. Contact Maxwell service desk to make any special arrangements.
Essentials Rate
   Double Occupancy: US $803 per person
   Single Occupancy: US $904 per person
Atsachas Option
   Double Occupancy: US $871 per person
   Single Occupancy: US $960 per person
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Live in conformity with higher nature



My review of Steve Maxwell's training camp

Let me start by saying that this camp was one of the best experience of my Life, and I mean it.

I have learned more about training, longevity, mobility, and Health in one week than in many years of self practice and educational learning.

From Day 1, everything has been made easy for me to feel comfortable and be in the best conditions to receive Steve's knowledge.

The different and complete training practices were delivered very efficiently, with deep explanations and effective exercises.

As a personal trainer, being back to work, I have been able to use directly Steve's techniques, and see an instant improvement for myself and the people I work with.

You will learn every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, many of them which will challenge your actual knowledge and will push you outside of the box.

Also, I can't thank enough the members of the surfing school, which made this experience even better. You will practice surf, paddle, canoes and plenty of other exercises, surrounded by an astonishing view and perfect conditions. Whatever you decide to do on that day, they will be an opportunity for it.

The accommodation, the location, the team, the food, the agenda, and the group will offer you one week out of time, where a Life-long lasting learning experience will mix with a stress-free greek lifestyle.

One final thank you to Steve, Theresa, Vassilis, Isidor, Angel, Peter, Anna, and all the people part of the camp who gave memories and knowledge for Life.''

Let me know if I can help you in any other ways, and I am looking forward to see you again somewhere on the planet!

P.s: Two days after coming back to France, I sold my 70L travel bag and bought a 50L one with better and lighter clothing, and also a skipping rope. Packing that with Steve's training device, I am proud to say that I am lighter to travel and lighter in my mind!

-- Thibaut Martin

As I travel I am always looking for ways to improve my personal health and lifestyle.

I must admit, prior to the camp, I had very little knowledge of Steve's work. It just so happened that I stumbled across a podcast interview where Steve was the guest. Currently living a similar one-bag nomadic lifestyle myself, I was captivated with the idea of being able to sustain a long-term standard level of health and fitness on the go with minimal gear.

I was immediately drawn to Steve's Greek Odyssey Training Camp 2018. Train on a Greek island? Well, having worked 5 years in a sedentary position as a software programmer, under artificial light day-in and day-out, made the choice a no-brainer! While I was training myself outside of the office, there was a call to a greater adventure, change, and transformation to a healthier form of living.

Based on current trends, I was expecting this camp to be another "destroy" yourself, endure psychological pain through face-cringing physical exertion, that many gyms seminars and trainers pride themselves on. While there may be a proper time and place for such approaches, I was surprised that this camp to be the complete opposite! After a few days with Steve, I was beginning to understand more of his philosophy of training, not to say the system he developed to be easy. Not at all! But, all these issues were addressed and I have gained new insight that goes beyond mindlesslylifting heavy weights and aiming for a number in a gym context.

Would I recommend the camp? Absolutely, 100%! Overall, it was an unforgettable experience meeting like-minded individuals on this island paradise. I learned a lot of valuable information not only from Steve, but also from all the other attendees, who I would now consider life-long friends. I am equipped with a new set of skill and ready to apply what I have learned during this camp as I continue on my nomadic lifestyle. Now, the world is my gym.

--Derrick Yoo

We were absolutely amazed by the experience of the camp this year

and would like to pre-book our attendance for next July.

Thanks a lot, [Maxwell service desk] for organizing this and Steve for the amazing knowledge shared.

--Nelio Leone and Faten Braik



Your registration is to be considered as a contract between you MaxwellSC.

After registration and payment of your camp fee, the camp fee is non-refundable. This means that no fees will be repaid even if for some reason you cannot attend the camp. If you would like to transfer your spot to someone else, please promptly send email notification.

If you change your address, email address or telephone number after your registration, please inform us, so that you will receive all updates on everything related to the camp.

In the event that Steve must cancel this event, all fees are promptly returned 100%.

MaxwellSC is not responsible for any injuries that may happen during the camp period.

MaxwellSC is not responsible for any personal belongings at the camp.

When registering to the camp you automatically have agreed to the terms above for our camp.