Hypoxic Training Seminar

Most people breathe in dysfunction patterns, including improper use of the lungs, over-breathing, and unconscious holding, which results in an over-sensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2).

In this course, you will learn drills and exercises to decrease CO2 sensitivity and improve body oxygenation levels, improving oxygen delivery to the body cells, which increases overall endurance.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to identify six common dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • How breathing is related to muscular tension
  • Why so-called "deep-breathing" is undesirable
  • Why voluntary (conscious) breath-holding during certain lifts and training is a good thing
  • How to reduce tension and increase relaxation through conscious breath control
  • How and why chronic tension creates weakness of muscle and will
  • How to control pulmonary efficiency and cellular metabolism

Who is this course for?

  • People who would like to acquire more advanced breath control techniques for fighting, martial arts, and other more extreme conditions
  • To increase performance-level and learn to deal with fear factors
  • How to minimize the acute stress of the environment to recover more fully later
  • How to maintain calm even in emergency, whether natural or artifical (sport event)


Hypoxic Training seminars:

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