Introduction to Kettlebell Basics

You've heard about the great benefits of kettlebell training and perhaps you've gone out and purchased a kettlebell... now you want to know how to properly use it.

Well, you're in luck! You won't attend a better seminar anywhere on earth than Steve Maxwell's Introduction to Kettlebell Basics.

Just as a skyscraper must be built upon a solid foundation, so must your kettlebell training be grounded in the basics in order for you to reach the heights. It's important to start out right so to avoid any bad habits that can negatively impact your future kettlebell training.

Why is Steve so confident in this course?

Because Steve Maxwell has years of experience in teaching people from all walks of life how to get the most from their kettlebell training in a safe and rational manner.

Steve teaches the kettlebell teachers and he can teach you. Many kettlebell personalities on there on the circuit got their start with Steve Maxwell, the man who introduced the Turkish Get-Up and Windmill exercises to the kettlebell handbook.

Still, simply having experience isn't enough; it's the results of the training methodologies that count and Steve has the results.

What you can expect in this course:

Breathing: proper breath control and why it's so important

Correct grip: holding and lifting the kettlebell

How to protect the back when lifting and swinging the kettlebell

For the ladies: preventing the "bop and bruise" on the forearm

The best KB exercises for all-around health and fitness

Developing the shoulder girdle without stress or pain

Sequencing exercises and routines for the best results

Strength exercises for muscular development

Dynamic KB exercises for cardio-respiratory fitness

Improved body composition the Maxwell way


Introduction to Kettlebell Basics Seminars:

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