Level One Kettlebell Certification

The Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course is not for rank beginners. It is assumed you are already competent in the basic lifts.

In the Level 1 KB Instructor Course you will acquire:

  • Refined techniques on the most important kettlebell lifts
  • The skills to safely teach these lifts to others
  • The most common form faults, and how to correct them
  • Proper workout construction and design
  • Appropriate KB group exercise class structure
  • The most important aspects of leading group kettlebell classes
  • How to identify and monitor over-reaching and overtraining -- and wisdom to know the difference

You will experience Steve Maxwell's system of training -- and come to know its superiority to the other systems out there.

What to Expect during a Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Instructor Training:

  • Hard work with plenty of hands-on practice
  • First-hand experience of Steve Maxwell's signature exercises and techniques
  • A full day of training, which starts on time, with just a few well-timed breaks -- your time is never wasted
  • Expect to hone your intra-personal and inter-personal kettlebell skills
  • Expect to take lots of notes -- and to have your questions answered
  • Unlike some seminars, expect all relevant material to be presented by Steve Maxwell
  • Expect to learn that which you need to know about classroom structure, design, and administration, of group kettlebell classes
  • Expect to learn the 12 most-common kettlebell form breaks and errors -- and how to fix them (many people tell us the Faults & Fixes segment is worth the price of admission)
  • Expect to return home with a plenty of great programing ideas
  • A fine manual

Requirements to pass the certification:

Caveat: your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Steve signs each certificate himself and takes this responsibility very seriously.

  • Demonstration of perfect form of the exercises covered at the seminar
  • The ability to teach -- and correct -- people who have little or no prior experience of kettlebell training

Most importantly, expect to take from this workshop a feeling of confidence in your ability to present, command, and control group and individual kettlebell classes.

What NOT to expect:

  • You will not be expected to sit through an obligatory, expensive, unproductive social dinner.
  • Hey, I like socializing as much as the next guy, but you've already spent a plenty of money on this cert, so we're not going to drag you out after a hard day at the gym to overeat and call you "bro"
    --Steve Maxwell
  • You will not be compelled to sit through any obnoxious marketing lecture in order to enhance the egos and finances of a parent organization
  • You won't need to join any "family"
  • You won't be subjected to hype -- Steve respects your time and intelligence and haa far too much useful material to cover
  • You won't hear kettlebell "conversion stories", only examples of Steve's breadth of training experience eg what works and what doesn't
  • Because you don't need to be converted -- you know already what kettlebells are good for you wouldn't be here

Quoth Steve:

I, Steve Maxwell, pledge to do my very best to meet your expectations and have you leave my kettlebell instructor certification a satisfied customer.

Q: What is the difference between Steve's certification and the one Dragon Door or StrongFirst?

A: The difference between Steve's KB cert and the other certs is that Steve's is better.

  • No social mentality
  • No push-ups or other humiliating exercises doled out for "punishments"
  • No arbitrary fitness "standards"
  • Steve knows that how many snatches *you* can do has little bearing on your ability to lead a group exercise class

Remember: Steve wrote much of the original Dragon Door kettlebell curriculum -- because he was the only one of them qualified to do so. Steve left Dragon Door after becoming disillusioned with the direction they were taking, as well as the egos pageants and shenanigans at their events.

With Steve Maxwell events, you get the gold:

  • Steve shows you -- from his wealth of experience -- what works and what fails
  • Steve helps you acquire the skills to teach others.
  • Plus...
  • Steve will do this without wasting your time and vital energy, without over-fatiguing you physically only to play on the emotions and wallets

Steve Maxwell Strength & Conditioning:
Come for the rational training, stay for the experience.


Level One Kettlebell Certifications:

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