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Club Swinging Basics

Get schooled-and-tooled with Steve Maxwell in the essential club swinging movements.

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Basic Strength Club movements for developing an unparalleled, resilient vigor and stamina.

In this video tutorial Steve demonstrates the unique attributes of club work in building a 3-Dimensional strength involving shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands -- also engaging and developing the legs.

Equipment: 2 x 10-lb. clubs for the average guy; a smaller, lesser-conditioned person will want to start with 5-lbs.

Be prepared to move up to the next level with this valuable video lesson!

This video tutorial describes work with strength clubs of heavier resistance, not the lighter-weight Indian clubs strictly for mobility.

Steve Maxwell's Club Swinging Basics offers Steve's clean, concise instruction in 16 useful club movements, plus a 2-minute demonstration of heavy single-club drills.

Clubs nurture a very unusual strength, a specific strength that's very useful for grapplers, martial artists, MMA skills.

Good for anyone wanting to simultaneously increase strength and mobility.

Even people who may think they're pretty strong, (ie, barbell strong, which is 2-dimensional) are surprised by how weak they feel working with a simple 10-lb. club.

Cast off illusions of strength and insist on genuine, full-range, real-life, applicable strength.

If you can work up to performing the drills in this video with a pair of 20-lb clubs--you will will be shockingly strong, especially if your business involves grabbing someone on the mat at the academy or dojo.

This video is about 25 minutes

An anecdote from Steve:

It's like the time I made a mistake in a drive-thru zoo, in New Jersey, there in Baboon-land. Warnings all over the place: Do Not Feed the Animals!

But I just had to roll down my window thismuch and offer a banana to one baboon...

I didn't have that window down more than a couple inches when large male baboon thrusted his filthy hand in with such terrifying speed and force that the whole car quaked as he ripped the banana away. I was stunned by this show of ferocity and primal savagery. This is exactly the kind of primal strength and power you'll develop in your own body with a consistent, applied club practice--like a dominant, hungry beast.

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