Mobility Conditioning Seminar

Mobility is one of the least developed and understood aspects of physical conditioning.

Plenty of people display strength and can lift heavy bells and sandbags, or swing kettlebells for high reps... but they often display terrible terrible posture, movement patterns and range of motion.

You're invited to come train with internationally renowned fitness coach Steve Maxwell and experience his system of mobility conditioning.

Steve's mobility conditioning system build agility, coordination and transforms the natural aging process.

Many people think of mobility as a gentle sort of active recovery exercise-- and this is one aspect-- but there's a whole other side of mobility that few are aware of.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • Mobility exercises that increase strength throughout the 3-dimensional plane
  • How to link mobility exercises to create the absolutely best cardio conditioning possible
  • 4000-year old, classical exercises even more applicable in these modern times
  • Restoration as well as energizing exercises and techniques
  • How to access the full lung capacity and why every exercise is a breathing exercise


Mobility Conditioning seminars:

There are no events scheduled at this time. Check our Events page for a full list of Steve's scheduled events.