Mobility for Combat Athletes

Join Steve for an afternoon of mental and physical training.

This seminar is for any athlete (or non-athlete) who wants to prepare the joints for the stresses of combat sport.

In this seminar you will learn:

the difference between joint mobility and flexibility

how the disparity in your mobility and flexibility indicates your likelihood of injury

how to assess your own joint function and range

how good posture is indivisible from joint mobility

You will come away with exercises to maintain joint integrity and joint health -- for the long haul and long career in sport.

If you have suffered past joint injuries you will learn how many of these same exercises are key to rehabilitating to full range of motion and full joint function.

Learn special exercises to increase joint strength and integrity in ranges of motion not addressed in conventional modalities

In other words these exercises are your new bottom line: forget the kettlebells sandbags and barbells.

Here's a radical thought: Gym implements will not meet your needs for specific strength.

Break from convention and discover rational training!

Learn biomechanical exercises to strengthen:

finger and toes;

wrists and ankles;

knees elbows;

shoulders and hips;

neck and spine.

Learn how to implement a joint mobility-strength program into your current training.

Learn how to preserve your youth and health and make jiu jitsu a lifelong pursuit instead of succumbing to the common short-term burnout and injury.


Mobility for Combat Athletes Seminars:

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