Level Two Joint Mobility Certification

Come join Steve Maxwell for a day of higher learning in physical mastery!

So... you've been following Steve's Joint Mobility downloads. You've taken his mobility seminar or Level 1 certification...

Well, friends, those are just the beginning to a great adventure. Now, is the time to expand your mobility and movement patterns to a whole new realm -- this certification is where the rubber meets the road!

Steve offers to guidance on a journey -- to a deeper level of understanding of the principal mobility patterns and how best to apply them to mobility-conditioning and strengthening exercises.

In this certification, you will learn:

  • How to break down and teach the basic movement patterns
  • How to take those movement patterns and use them intelligently for advanced training protocols
  • The Tibetan 5-rites
  • How to transform any regular exercise into 3-dimensional mobility exercise
  • The crux: the breath and body/mind connection
  • Practical routines for the time-challenged
  • and much more!

Exercises like

  • The Revolving Disc
  • The Twisting Dragon
  • Screw Push-Ups
  • Advanced Hip Mobility complex
  • Three variations on the Chinese Squat
  • Russian Ball Squats

*This is not a beginner course*

Candidates are expected to have completed the level 1 course and have a good range of mobility and reasonable fitness*

*Injuries are acceptable -- please inquire


Level Two Joint Mobility Certificationss:

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