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You know you need some kind of help and supervision in sorting through the vast arena of information, misinformation, and outright lies out there. But how do you put it all together?

This is what I do best and below is exactly what you can expect when you put your hard-earned money down for an online training subscription:

1) A complete health & fitness questionnaire
In order to provide you the type of help you need, I need to know exactly who--and what--you are. I offer the most in-depth questionnaire I know of on the market. The information gleaned from the questionnaire gives me insight into not only your physical habits, but you as a person, both mentally and consciously.

Important aspects of this questionnaire are your specific goals and aspirations. From these, we can set realistic goals, both short and long-term. The questionnaire forms the basis of the map which will direct you.

2) A precise fitness assessment
Before I can direct a client on their journey, I need to know where they are at right now--kind of like a personal MapQuest in the domain of fitness. I offer individualized assessments, not cookie cutter parameters of fitness. After perusing your questionnaire, I put together an appropriate list of exercises as an assessment. It is upon the combined results of your questionnaire and personalized assessment that I create your start-up workouts.

3) Structural analysis
I request all my clients to send me five photographs, two of them performing a specific postural exercise. These photographs are some of the most useful tools of all--they show me the physical patterns you've developed over a lifetime. From these photos I observe bilateral symmetry, fat distribution (which clues me in on hormonal balance and imbalance) and overall structural integrity. Based on many, many years in the field, I'm able to create workout programs designed that bring your body into balance, creating a pain-free alignment.

4) Innovative workout programs
Every one of my workout programs is individualized. I don't believe in a cookie cutter approach. Most online personal trainers (my colleagues) maintain workout files and simply pull up workouts and send them to their clients. I have, myself, been counseled to do the same but this is not my nature. While human beings are more alike than they are different (otherwise we couldn't support medical science) the differences people do exhibit are enough to warrant countless variations in diet and exercise programs. It's the uniqueness of my programming ideas that help my clients achieve superior results. I cut through the unwieldy mass of information, demonstrating how to mix and match the different modalities, and offering unique program combinations and exercises--many of my own invention. Complete directions in how to perform the movements, including images and video, are provided.

5) Diet, supplement, and recovery guidance
While I don't pretend to be a nutritionist or dietitian and have no degree in either field, in more than four decades as a trainee and competitive athlete, I have tried and seen just about everything!

I've sought counsel from some of the top nutritional minds in the world and I've achieved a position where I can guide others through the explosive minefields that can sabotage physique transformation efforts.

Supplements are another problem area for many people. Once again, I can tell you what's worked for myself and many others over the years. I am an advocate of supplements and I've more or less ascertained the snake oils from what puts up results.

Further, I provide recovery strategies. Without adequate recovery, the finest workout program is ineffective. I have searched high and low for the best techniques to boost recovery ability in my clients' workouts. My methods are unique and provide a great added value to your workout program.

6) Personal access to me for any and all of your training questions
This alone, in my opinion, is worth the money! Imagine having your own personal coach with a wealth of information you can access anytime and receive a prompt response. Unlike most online trainers, I look forward to your training logs and email inquiries. I enjoy the discourse and find great satisfaction in my ability to assist others in achieving their physical dreams. I take make every effort to respond within 24-hours and I take pride in my record. This is my profession and I take it seriously. Online training isn't an annoying sideline for me, like it is for many online trainers trying to make their names elsewhere. My workplace is now the virtual gym and I put in the hours with the ambition to succeed--and my success is your success.

7) A complete review of your workout program, with continual progressions and new programs as required, over the course of the training year
I don't change workouts for the sake of change, but as the workouts become sub-maximal as the body adapts, I change your program accordingly.

8) Flexibility within the program structure
Many of my clients are professionals who travel, have families, and whose lives do not revolve around their workout schedules. As part of your signing on with me, I promise to never leave you in the lurch without a workout. Because my programs involve minimalist equipment, heavily favoring that most marvelous machine, the human body, I can adapt your program to travel with you anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I've had clients travel to third-world countries, stuck in hotel rooms, mid-winter, in godforsaken places, as well as suffer injuries from their various sporting endeavors. In every case, I'm able to provide my clients with sound, results-producing, alternative programs--and I can do the same for you.

9) Special events, such as annual ski trips, athletic contests or even developing the warm weather, beach-ready body
My clients may have special events throughout the year, and a part of short and long-term goal-setting is helping them specifically prepare for these events. Having been a life long participant in combat sports and martial arts, people involved in those domains come to me for help in event preparation. I've worked with beginner amateurs right up to professional, world-class fighters. Whether it's the corporate 10k race, a bike-a-thon, fighting in the jiu-jitsu World championships, or an MMA event, I can help you organize your training so you peak at the right time.

10) Physique transformation
It's my personal philosophy that health is number one on the list of personal goals; functionality, or, what can be done as far as performance, work capacity and skills, is a high second. If these first two goals are in order, the third--a lean, muscular body--is the result. Each of my programs are holistic and place my client's dynamic health and fitness first. Those who have an interest in the body beautiful will achieve noteworthy improvements in the realm of physique aesthetics. I've helped many people shed pounds of excess fat, improving their body composition as well as their performance.

So when you sign up, this is what I can do for you and it's the deal of the century, but it's not one way--not everybody is cut out to be my client.

What makes a a good online training client? What makes you a good fit as a player for Team Maxercise?

11) The ability to honestly face existing weaknesses
Sometimes clients are embarrassed about a poor performance in the fitness assessment, or feel shame of how they look in their initial photos.

It's important that you're honest with yourself, and me, otherwise it's almost impossible to help you progress.

12) You've got to be willing to work
You must be self-motivated enough to get out there and follow the provided programs, otherwise the greatest coach and training program in the world don't mean a thing. You must be willing to prioritize the time and follow through the advice and guidelines I give you.

13) You must keep accurate records and turn in your training logs for review
This assures continual changes and progressions. Unfortunately, this is the place most clients fall short. The clients who skip this third step, of turning in their logs, are typically the ones who get mediocre results and may fail to meet their stated goals. The workout and/or diet log is an essential ingredient to your success with online training and it is your responsibility--I do not pursue you and inquire after your logs, you must turn them in voluntarily. The frequency and format is your choice. Some clients turn in a log every workout, because they like the feedback, encouragement and tips. Others turn in a weekly log.

Complete confidentiality is required on both ends. I never share your information with anyone other than my trusted assistant and I expect you not to indiscriminately share my programs. You have paid for my experience and guidance; this is how I make a fair and honest living and it isn't proper that others get for free what you've paid money for.

If you're willing to meet the above requirements, that's fantastic; I can help you.

If you are self-motivated to work out, but need assistance with the necessary skills or knowledge, or simply confused about programming, I can end your confusion.

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