Outdoor Seminar

At long last, come and train in outdoor splendor with Steve Maxwell and friends!

Discover a new way of freedom-- from gyms and equipment restraints-- and discover how to get a great workout with the simplest of implements.

You need neither fancy nor expensive equipment to acquire fantastic strength and health!

Learn how to use the best equipment ever provided man or woman: your own body, wits and enthusiasm.

In this seminar, you will learn:

How to put playfulness back into the work of strength training

What your existing fitness program is probably missing-- all-around fitness is more than barbells, dumbbells and routine calisthenics!

How to use your environment and see most any terrain and circumstance as an awesome workout opportunity!

How to move with the effortless ability of a child-- hint: it all starts with the breath!

How to mobilize the body with time-tested healing exercises

How to construct an intelligent, inspiring, self-reliant workout with a few simple tools (suspension straps, kettlebells, mace or even gym gear) or without anything at all!

With or without -- you can create the body of your dreams!


Outdoor Seminars:

There are no events scheduled at this time. Check our Events page for a full list of Steve's scheduled events.