Joint Mobility & Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime

Joint Mobility

Saturday 13 April 2019

This event is expired and no longer open for registration.

Time: 12:00 - 15:00

Kuk Sul Do Academy / the fight gym
300 Industrial Pkwy
Chagrin Falls OH 44022

About this event:

Come join Steve Maxwell for a day of higher learning in physical mastery!

So... you've purchased Steve's Joint Mobility downloads. You follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and wonder how does what he does--now is your opportunity to live it for yourself, to expand your own mobility and movement patterns to a whole new realm - a seminar where the rubber mat meets the road!

Steve offers his guidance on the journey to a deeper level of understanding of principal movement patterns and how best to apply them to your own mobility-conditioning, general strengthening, recreation... and day-to-day living.

Reap the benefits of Steve Maxwell's Joint Mobility system

  • Identifying compromised joints and range of motion
  • Restored ROM in compromised joints
  • Decreasing injury potential by strengthening joints and connective tissues
  • Slowing-- and reversing-- the bodily aging process by preventing stagnation and increasing mobility
  • Increased athletic performance from unimpeded movement patterns

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The Maxwell Mobility Standing Series
  • How to identify compromised joints and movement patterns
  • How to restore-- and preserve-- natural, full-range, movement
  • Teaching tips, fixes and modified exercises to facilitate teaching progressions
  • The theories behind why joint mobility is superior to stretching
  • How to modify the basic movement patterns to your own level
  • How to apply these movement patterns to advanced training protocols
  • The Tibetan 5-rites
  • How to transform any regular exercise into 3-dimensional mobility exercise
  • The crux: the breath and body/mind connection
  • Practical routines for the time-challenged
  • and much more!

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The price for this seminar is $85
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Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime

Sunday 14 April 2019

This is event is expired and no longer open for registration.

Time: 12:00 - 15:00

Kuk Sul Do Academy / the fight gym
300 Industrial Pkwy
Chagrin Falls OH 44022

About this event:

Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime, or: How to Endure.

Are you a dedicated Brazilian jiu jitsu player or other martial artist? Do you intend to train in your sport for decades and through life's milestones? Steve has a lot to share on this topic.

In this seminar, Steve will present the movements, exercises, drills, and mental techniques he credits with keeping him in the grappling game for over a half-century.

  • Learn why jiu jitsu training on its own is not enough for superior physical fitness, and which supplemental measures every grappler and fighter should include in order to remain youthful, vigorous, and pain-free.
  • How the fighting arts -- especially the jiu jitsu "guard -- compromise the posture and what to do to correct
  • Learn Steve's singular shoulder complex that will keep your shoulders strong, mobile, and pain-free -- especially good for rounded shoulders, or internally-rotated arms
  • How and why over-gripping is harmful to the wrists and elbows -- plus a terrific exercise to overcome the effects of excessive grippping
  • The importance of foot and ankle integrity, strength, and mobility -- and what this has everything to do with preventing knee injuries
  • Why most jiu jitsu players suffer from gluteal amnesia -- and how to correct this
  • The major source of back and knee problems -- and how to improve your situation
  • Why most jiu jitsu players have poor abdominal muscle control, relying on hyperactive hip flexors to get the job done
  • Experience Steve's deep abdominal-activating drills to keep you out of pain and injury and in glowing spinal health
  • The importance of neck and spinal mobility -- and its direct relationship to youthfulness, mental and physical health, and injury prevention


Andrew Nerlich here, the 60-year old that came to some of your BJJ classes and your Jiu Jitsu for life seminar in Sydney. I thought you might like to hear an old man Jiu Jitsu story - I entered Black Belt Master 6 at the Sydney IBJJF Open and yesterday fought a 56 year old. He beat me on points but I was super stoked I went the distance.

Your dogpile drill really helped me stay calm on the bottom and successfully fend off multiple choke attempts. I'm doing my mobility exercises every day and after tapering for the comp is now over, intend to add one day a week of bodyweight strength training, following your seminar advice and your Bodyweight Basics video, to my four BJJ sessions.

Thanks Steve, and happy trails.

Click here and read Andrew's great blog post about his experiences at this seminar

Steve & The Team,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the seminar.

I enjoyed it but only now am I starting to realise it could be life-changing.

I realised I've been overtraining, doing heavy lifting 3 times a week and BJJ twice a week. I've replaced my weight training with isometrics, stretching and loosening up exercises and already I feel better.

Above all the thing which has helped me though was what Steve showed us about shaking our bodies... I've actually been doing this for years because it felt good, but not as much as I could have as I had never seen or heard of anyone else doing it...

Knowing that there is also some science around it and seeing everyone do it at the seminar has encouraged me to do this on a daily basis without feeling quite so weird!

Steve is a great guy and I hope to see him again.



The price for this seminar is $85
Prices are displayed in $USD

More info: Scott Burr, 440-759-0589 or Maxwell service desk