Gracie Jiu Jitsu: Core Concepts & Gracie Jiu Jitsu Weapons Self-Defense

Gracie Jiu Jitsu: Core Concepts

Saturday 16 February

This event is expired and no longer open for registration.

Time: 11:30 - 14:30

Ultrafit Systems
7645 E Evans Rd#130
Scottsdale AZ 85255

About this event:

Come and learn Gracie Self-Defense from Steve Maxwell, physical educator, 5th degree black belt under Relson Gracie and trained personally by the Gracie family. Steve is considered by the Gracies as one of the finest instructors in their art.

In Steve's Gracie Jiu Jitsu seminars, taken together, you will learn:

  • The origins and history of Gracie jiu jitsu and how it developed
  • Why Gracie jiu jitsu may be the most applicable self-defense system in a real fight
  • The truth about self-defense in its real-world application
  • Why any self-defense system requiring strength speed or power is a step in the wrong direction
  • The Helio Gracie foundational stand-up self-defense system
  • Every fight starts standing -- how to escape the most common attacks from the feet
  • Why learning how to breath is the most important factor in maintaining calm during a confrontation
  • Why it's important to assume ANY attacker is bigger/stronger/faster/more dangerous than yourself
  • Solo and partner drills for proper breathing technique
  • How to breathe to prevent panic
  • How body tension is your biggest enemy and the primary cause of physical injury
  • The most common street attacks and how to defend against them

Stand-Up Self-Defense

The ground fighting is well-known and documented but few are aware of the devastating effectiveness of the Gracie stand-up self-defense fighting system... yet every fight starts from the feet.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How real attacks occur
  • How to avoid the sucker punch
  • How to identify a potentially violent person by reading the signs they give off
  • What step(s) you can take to avoid conflict
  • How to pre-empt and stop any punch with the wedge
  • Why distance and timing are your best friends in street encounters
  • How to escape
  • The two most common street attacks and how to defend against them
  • Release from the most common grabs and chokes

Ground Defense

It's a well-known fact that when faced with a bigger, stronger opponent, the odds are you'll go to the ground. Feeling comfortable on the ground, and knowing how to fight there, can save your life.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why going to the ground is almost unavoidable when facing a bigger, stronger opponent(s)
  • Why the ground is the smaller, weaker man's best friend
  • Why being on the bottom doesn't mean you're losing the fight -- and sometimes it's the most advantageous position
  • How to defend yourself on the ground
  • How to fall without injury -- even when thrown or shoved to the concrete or parking lot
  • The most common hold on the ground -- and how to escape
  • How to defend yourself -- and escape -- from the headlock, eye-gouge, and bite
  • Why choking someone is preferable to kicking or punching and is the most humane way to subdue a violent attacker
  • The five key movement patterns to assure success in groundfighting


The price for this seminar is $65
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Gracie Jiu Jitsu Weapons Self-Defense

Sunday 17 February

This is event is expired and no longer open for registration.

Time: 11:30 - 14:30

Ultrafit Systems
7645 E Evans Rd#130
Scottsdale AZ 85255

About this event:

"Helio Gracie told me one time, 'I could show you everything about jiu jitsu in just a few hours... and it would take you the rest of your life to master it.'" -- Steve Maxwell

Most people's experience with Brazilian jiu jitsu is primarily that of sports-oriented jiu jitsu. Most sparring sessions will start with a fist bump and immediately sitting on your butt on the floor.

That can be a fun game -- and Steve likes to play it, too, but, theres a part of Brazilian jiu jitsu that most players are never exposed to, and that is the classic self-defense, as taught by Master Helio Gracie and his progeny.

"I think every young man and woman owes it to themself to know how to handle themself in a realistic physical confrontation." -- Steve Maxwell

A crucial aspect of the Gracie system is defense against weapons. The jiu jitsu techniques against knife, stick, and gun are very well-thought out and effective defenses from these weapons.

While many jiu jitsu classes do address defenses from punches and kicks, few address attacks with weapons and every jiu jistu practitioner should back himself up with these techniques.

"Definitely have fun and play your sport -- but back yourself up with the confidence of mastery of the self-defense." -- Steve Maxwell

In this course you will learn

  • How to disarm a pistol-wielding assailant
  • When to take the gun -- and when not to
  • Six defenses to the most common knife attacks
  • How to disarm a knife-wielding assailant
  • Why a knife-to-the-throat (from behind) is actually the easiest disarming defense
  • How a simple spiral technique can redirect a stick attack and keep you out of harm's way
  • The importance of making -- and maintaining -- contact with the opponent
  • Effective takedowns and throws to put the enemy down to the ground
  • Devastating joint dislocates from the standing position
  • When to fight... and when not to fight

This material is nothing new -- it's been taught by the Gracies since the beginning of their time but Steve has observed in his travels that it is little-known.

Trust yourself to be able to handle yourself in a fight, using your own wits and physical ability.

God forbid you should ever need any of this stuff and I hope you never do. I advocate non-wiolence and avoidance wherever possible, but should you ever find yourself in a situation where this comes up, you will be thankful you took this course. -- Steve Maxwell

Steve is not promising that in one course you can master these techniques; Proficiency requires consistent practice.

Caveat: Learn the difference between the common street thugs and assailants and a professional stick or knife fighter. 99% of assailants out there are untrained in skills of stick, knife, and gun, and can therefore be disarmed -- and easier than you might think.

Learn why gun disarms are actually easier and much less dangerous than knife disarms.

Steve won't kid you: against a professional knife fighter, there is no defense other than shrinking... but most people carrying knives, and intending ill-will, are not trained, and will predictably make mistakes that can be exploited.

The same can be said about guns: most gangsters are not disiplined in gun handling, although you should not expect to be disarming anyone with professional police or military training.

Note: this is an entry-level seminar


The price for this seminar is $65
Prices are displayed in $USD

More info: Darin Mowery, 480-332-8564 or Maxwell service desk