Steve Maxwell Pro Certification Series

What if you had a weekend to learn how to put it together from Steve Maxwell?

The Steve Maxwell Pro Certification series is not based on a single implement, a single training modality, or the development of a specific physical quality. In stead, its point of departure is a simple question:

If Steve Maxwell had a weekend to prepare a fitness trainer for his profession — what would he teach him?


This is three days of learning that will make you stand out from the rest.


  • What is meant by fitness?
  • The safest and most productive exercises for fitness
  • Why low tech and minimalism is almost always better
  • Training the general population towards the most common and important goals and needs. Be the "Most bang for the buck" expert.
  • Minimalist approach – the art of restriction: The smallest number of exercises and protocols possible – but not fewer!
  • The most fundamental and accessible low tech exercises
  • The most effective protocols for different goals
  • The best ways of
    • Building muscle
    • Increasing strength
    • Developing mobility and flexibility
    • Reaching new levels of endurance, conditioning and stamina
    • Losing weight
    • Improving posture and movement quality
    • Preventing injuries
  • Secrets of foolproof programing
  • How to construct complete workouts
  • How to get maximal results with a minimum of equipment
  • Guidelines for levels of effort and performance
  • How to keep your clients safe from injury
  • Different pitfalls for different types of clients – and how to avoid them
  • The difference between sport, exercise and recreational activities
  • Quick assessment of clients – in an individual and group setting – What to look for?
  • How to strike the balance between intensity and sanity for optimal results
  • The need for variety – and non-variety!
  • Essential teaching skills – the best cues and instructions
  • How to lead a group proficiently

Why learn from Steve Maxwell?

Steve has helped countless clients get ready for competition, loose weight, increase strength, get out of pain, move better, perform better and endure longer. For more than 40 years, he has gotten people into the shape of their lives.

He has worked with all kinds of athletes and members of the general population – from the superfit to the barely moving, from the injured fighter to the undertrained geek. He has used all kinds of tools – bodyweight, Nautilus, dumbells and barbells, jump rope and elastic bands, strength machines and stationary bikes, sandbags and salt water, hills and climbing ropes, stones and clubs.

He was crucial in creating the first RKC curriculum – and vital to the modern explosion of kettlebell training.

He has been a PE-teacher, a personal trainer (since before that concept existed), a wrestling coach, a BJJ trainer (one of the first North American Gracie black belts), a gym owner (Maxercise – Tim Ferris, author of 4 Hour Body, used to drive for hours to train there), an online coach and sought after seminar teacher.

Now, in his sixties, he still travels the world to learn from the best, and is still perfecting and developing his system.

In the age of the internet, the secret is no longer access to information, but to distill the information and put it to good use.

The participants can expect huge gains in the following domains:

  1. Demonstration: Correct execution of the most important exercises
  2. Teaching: Instructions, guidelines, cues and fixes that will help your clients perform correctly
  3. Screening: What to watch out for
  4. Construction: Workout construction
  5. Programing: The basics of sound programming
  6. Leading: Group training and individual training is a matter of good leadership.

What will the seminar be like?

  • The number of participants will be restricted, so you can expect individualized guidance by Steve Maxwell in person, and by his assistants.
  • There will be a fair amount of theoretical lecturing and discussion.
  • As this is a Steve Maxwell seminar, prepare for a lot of hands-on work.
  • Physical fatigue is not the goal of this seminar, but it most certainly is a necessary means. Be well rested and in good condition.
  • As this is a trainer-seminar, expect a lot of practice in actually training people, not only talking about it.

What is expected of YOU as a participant?

This is a PRO seminar. Professional conduct is expected at all times. In addition, attendants are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate correct form on following exercises:
    1. Chin up (hollow position) or pull up
    2. Kettlebell Military press
    3. Plank Push up
    4. Plank Row
    5. Spiderman Crawl
    6. Kettlebell Deadlift
    7. Kettlebell Swing
    8. Kettlebell Clean
    9. Squat
    10. Lunge
    11. Kossack squat
    12. Reverse Get Up
    13. Strict Six Count Burpee
    14. Elevated (KB or other implement) L-sit
    15. Down dog and Up Dog
    16. Pigeon Wing Pose
    17. Plow Pose
    18. Camel Pose
    19. Basic jump rope skills
    (These exercises do not constitute the full curriculum of exercises.)
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and philosophy outlined in the Maxwell Pro Papers

How to prepare for the seminar:

Expect to put in some work to get ready for this seminar. Plan ahead, and register ar your earliest convenience.


Upon completion of the seminar, you will receive one or the other of the two following certificates:

Steve Maxwell PRO Trainer Certificate, level 1
Certificate of Attendance, Steve Maxwell PRO, level 1

The certificate of attendance only requires you to be present through the whole seminar. The trainer certification requires that you reach the given standards on all tests and demonstrate sufficient mastery of the principles of teaching, construction and programming being thought.

Can you opt not to be tested?

You may not, as the testing is part of the learning experience. However, you may choose to not have your tests count, meaning only the certificate of attendance will be obtainable to you. This might be the right option if you know you can't reach the standards, or if you don't work in fitness. We do recommend "full immersion", however. Prepare well, work hard, give it your best, get the full feedback and grow!

Schedule (tentative):

Saturday: 08.00-18.00
Sunday: 08.00-18.00


Just thought I should say a big thanks. Came to your pro instructor course last September. Learnt a ton and now I'm working in a gym doing what I love. Been able to pass on a lot of your teachings. Thanks again, Jay


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