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A collection of various things that Steve finds worthwhile and respectable


For Training

Heroic Sport - The Original Pahlavandle


The Pahlavandle fits all soda bottles with a universal norm.

At 20 cm length and 65 grams, the Pahlavandle is easy to carry around. With an average diameter of 28mm, it is suitable for children, women and men.

The material used for the Pahlavandle is food grade safe plastic.


Pullsh Deadlift Kit

Deadlift anytime, anyplace, anywhere you're standing upright

  • Included: wooden grip, rounded, painted steel piece and four resistance bands
  • Wooden handle is 90 cm long and has a diameter of 30 mm
  • Four bands offer over 13 different weight categories
  • Simply insert mini-band loop through piece of steel and wooden handle and place it on the piece of steel
  • The Premium model is less wearing on the rubber bands
  • With an additional mini-band set, still more resistance levels can be produced

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UXS Bodyweight Exercise Station

The UXS is a heavy duty bodyweight exercise station designed to work all major muscle groups effectively, efficiently, and safely without taking up a lot of space. It is ideal for gyms, personal training studios, and anyone who requires maximum utility and durability from their exercise equipment.

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Elite Free Standing Pullup Bar

The Elite Pullup Bar includes the Stabilization Base which has a removable cross brace for easy assembly and to free up space while doing exercises underneath the bar in the dipping function

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GYMBOSS Interval Timer

This quality interval timer will make any workout easier to plan and execute with more accuracy and consistency.

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My Diet Tracker Mobile App

My Diet Tracker is a simple app to help you track what you eat. Use the camera button to snap a picture of your meal and then add a quick description.

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Steve Maxwell Tee

The Steve Maxwell tee was designed by Ted Park ( and Justin Khan from Killing Buddha ( expanding upon Steve's own ideas and photos.

Steve Maxwell helped popularize the kettle bell in the United States and all around the world. So it was only right to base the design of his shirt around one of his most loved tools.

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Black Belt Soap

The original tough guys soap. Uncompromising and bold.

Steve loves this excellent soap made by champion fighters on the island of Maui. You'll love it too!

Train hard, stay clean, stay healthy, be happy, ALOHA!

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Readling List

The Handbook of Functional Isometrics

Originally intended as a pictorial guide for Steve's online clients, The Handbook is too good to keep secret within the vaults at MaxwellSC.

In the simplest language, Steve Maxwell distills high-concept, high-inensity training, specifically the Timed Static Contraction (TSC) system of Overcoming Isometrics.

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Yielding Isometrics eBook

I love Isometrics — Steve Maxwell

A very productive and safe way to train is isometrics. If you are an athlete and you wish to devote most of your time to your sport, not your strength training. Isometrics are most-efficient, do not put the joints at risk, and do not drain your time and energy from your critical skills-training.

Other good reasons to use isometrics are if you are working around injuries, or if you're getting up there in years and have some cranky joints. Another is if you (or your client) have poor motor-skills.

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Sling Training: Fat Burning and Bodyshaping

Eileen's book on the art of Sling Training. Available at her site:


Your First Chin-Up for Kindle

The ability to pull your own weight is one of the first steps to body mastery.

This book guides you through a step-by-step process in achieving your first chin-up.

And once that first chin-up comes, it's amazing how quickly and plentifully the repetitions follow.

Only $4.75 for your Kindle!

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As a Man Thinketh: Wie du denkst, so wirst du (German Edition)

Neue, originalgetreue Ubersetzung des New Thought Klassikers 'As a Man Thinketh' von James Allen
Inklusive der englischen Originalversion / Including the original James Allen text
Mit einem Vorwort des internationalen Fitness- & Bewegungs-Coaches Steve Maxwell / Foreword by internationally renowned Physical Educator & BJJ Professor Steve Maxwell
Ergänzt durch eine Zusammenfassung des Klassikers "How to Get What You Want' (Wie du erreichst, was du willst) von Wallace D. Wattles

"Dies ist ein Buch uber die richtige und machtvolle Anwendung des eigenen Denkens... Es zeigt auf, wie jeder Mensch in seiner eigenen Gedankenwelt den Schlussel zur Beeinflussung aller seiner Lebensbedingungen in der Hand halt... Ein Buch, das dir helfen wird, dir selbst zu helfen." James Allen (1903)

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Markey Mouse for Kindle by Robert Tkoch

The book might be called a Neoplatonic mystery, or perhaps as a really simplified tale utilizing Platonic ideas --- or perhaps as an unusual commentary on current Western civilization --- but it might also be called a simple recollection of the values that seem really important in any life.

Steve recommends this book!

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Plotinus: A Volume of Selections in a New English Translation for Kindle by A.H. Armstrong

I believe that Professor Armstrong's translation of Plotinus is the best available, with an excellent choice of selections from this unique and incomparable philosopher.

Steve recommends this book!

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Health via Food

By William Howard Hay, MD


With the Back on the Ground

From the Early Japanese in America to MMA - How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Developed


Joseph Pilates

Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology
Your Health


Thomas Cureton

Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health



Plato provides a glimpse into the teachings of Socrates and the meaning of justice

The Republic



Classic, timeless masterpieces

The Iliad
The Odyssey


John Henry Tilden, M.D.

Steve recommends these excellent writings by Dr. Tilden, available free, online

Toxemia Explained
Children: Their Health and Happiness
Practical Cook Book
Cursed Before Birth: A Few Straight Tips Regarding Our Social Condition


Robert Tkoch, Astrologer since 1970

Robert gives you the benefit of his 40 years of research into this art, along with the knowledge gained from his other studies in literature, psychology, science, religion, and philosophy.


Suspend Your Disbelief: Building and Building Strength With The World's Most Rugged Suspension Training Device

In this short eBook, Scott from Superhero Simplified shows you how to build a simple but rugged suspension training device for under $20, and how to use your new homemade device to get a full-body, Timed Static Contraction (TSC) workout that will hit every major movement pattern (and muscle group) in under 20 minutes.