Sustainable Bodybuilding Seminar

Bodybuilding: more than just good looks

What is age-related muscle-loss aka sarcopenia?

What is "creeping obesity"?

How can a person become overly fat without increasing their body weight?

These are common problems in people over 50 years old.

More important: how to prevent such things?

Learn the three most-important factors in weight training, rejuvenating youthfulness, and preserving youthful musculature

  • Why explosive training should be avoided
  • Why lifting heavy weights is unimportant
  • What is the best repetition scheme for strength and hypertrophy?
  • How to get amazing workouts for yourself--and your clients!--in less than 20-minutes
  • Why workouts over 40-minutes can cause more harm than good

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone wishing to preserve their strength and youthfulness
  • Trainers wanting to offer safe, productive workout in efficient way for their clients
  • Athletes looking to fit efficient strength-training into their already-busy schedule
  • Businessmen and women, new parents, students, and anyone who is short on time and wanting to fit rational strength training into their lifestyle
  • Travelers looking for ways to mainain their fitness on the road

This seminar is six hours with a mid-way break. At the end of the course you will have knowledge of how to create a safe, productive workout for yourself or others, using Steve's proven techniques.

An important aspect of this course is proper breathing and breathing drills. Steve has found the average human has dysfunctional breathing habit and will lead some helpful drills for relaxation and getting the maximum potential out of training techniques.


Sustainable Bodybuilding seminars:

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